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Circle of Friends (CoF) WebRing - Circle of Friends WebRing: odd assortment of like-minded webmasters. Match one of the following criteria: like hockey; F

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Circle of Friends (CoF) WebRing

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Manager: les_novelist
Circle of Friends WebRing: odd assortment of like-minded webmasters. Match one of the following criteria: like hockey; Fantasy/SF fan/artist; have guestbook; like chess; like cats; be an author/poet (published or not); like dragons; like NASCAR; be a Roman Catholic (other non-satanist religions welcome); have been or currently a member of any Navy; be a veteran of any military; more to be added when requested/approved. If you do not meet the criteria above, submit anyway.

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The internet has banded people all over the world. You want to meet a friend check out these suggestions.
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Ron Edelstein is a NY State native and a creative powerhouse. He does web design besides graphics and has designed all 10 of his websites.

   Sarah's Fashionably Friendly Page Preview Go
Come by to meet someone who loves acting, dancing, and singing, and find out more about the others things that make me... me!
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Fine Indian Curry Painting.
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3D Allien Landscapes.
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We are a message board community of tight friends keeping each other entertained and lending support to each other.
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personal page. has hand drawn dragon done by page owner. Just getting started. learning more everyday. have a lot of ideas but still learning how to put them to work. Recently added a page link to my favorite links.
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This is a site lovingly dedicated to the homless and forgotten animals and to my dear sweet Max and Heathcliff who I will never forget. You live forever in my heart. Meet my cats. cat care and health You Won Our Alien Abduction Award FEB02
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Best sharing for friends...

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