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Ring of the Darkling - The Ring of the Darkling is for us who are children of darkness. We are the artists, writers, dreamers and shapers of t

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Ring of the Darkling

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The Ring of the Darkling is for us who are children of darkness. We are the artists, writers, dreamers and shapers of the night. Together we swirl and twist like a knife of silver in the haze of velvet bliss. Whether you are goth, fairy or dragon you belong with us. We are the Ring of the Darkling.


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Electronic Goth Industrial Neo-Pagan Experimental Darkwave Fusion Music, with free mp3 downloads. We are underground independant and doing what we can on our own. Come check us out and we'd be glad to return the favor!
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Poetry, fiction, Wicca, monkeys, blood and gore, and so much more.
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Gothic art and music.

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A website for goths, where you are accepted for who you are. Forbidden love and lust. For those with an obsession with the morbid. You are welcome here.
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The treasure of ancient warrior queens and kings, Anatolian silver chainmail jewelry. You can have it now, with all of its superb craftsmanship and lasting value, direct from the mountain silversmiths of Anatolia. Priceless at a price you can afford.
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We feature Pre-Raphaelite, Victorian, and visionary art, offering prints, notecards, journals, postcard books, and calendars. Our enchanting jewelry collection includes faeries, grapevines, and intricate antique styles -- perfect with gothic, gypsy, medieval or Renaissance attire. We also offer aromatherapy soaps, statuary, books, tarot, music, films, and the Midnight Musings.
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A place where demons dwell and fear surrounds, a dark place, a creepy place, a place where evil feels at home.
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