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Veteran Health WebRing - This Web Site is now maintained by the Advanced Health Plan. We hope to share life saving information to those veterans

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This Web Site is now maintained by the Advanced Health Plan. We hope to share life saving information to those veterans and their families that have been effected by their exposure to chemicals, vaccinationns and suffering from Gulf War Syndrome.

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   Acid Food vs Alkaline Foods Preview Go
Learn how to raise your pH so that cancer cells can never live in your body. It is simple, safe and effective. Food is a great place to start. Check with Advanced Scientific Health for more resources that will stop, prevent and reverse the body's degeneration.
   Toxic Chemicals In Humans Preview Go
The list of toxic chemicals identified in people continues to grow, scientists are trying to figure out what the implications are for human health. Find Out TODAY How YOU Can remove these toxins from the body.
   Alzheimer's Preview Go
Over 70% of those over 50 are now experiencing diagnosis of Alzheimer's. Find out more today about the cause, and how you can prevent and reverse the effects.

   Aspirin vs. Arginine Preview Go
Learn the dangers of Aspirin. Help your body help itself. The body can do amazing work if it but has the intended resources to do so.
   Heart Disease the #1 Killer is STOPPED Preview Go
Heart Diseasee is a signal to the body that it is in need of specific nutrients to repair the cardiovascular system. Find out today how you can reverse the damage suffered from the deficiencies of these nutrients.
   Homeless Vets - Can YOU Help? Preview Go
Saddening experiences that so many veterans face when returning home from their service. Is enough being done for our servicemen?
   Reverse Accelerated Aging NOW Preview Go
Learn how the ingredients in this formula can give back to the body the ability to produce its own Growth Hormone. Help regulate the insulin level naturally. Increase energy and build muscle tone and more.
   Fluoride is a POISON Preview Go
Did you know that Fluoride cause heavy metals to accumulate in the human body? Do you know what the safe levels of Fluoride is?
   Benzene Exposure Linked to Blood Changes Preview Go
Benzene is found in our environment daily. Many have had an overexposure due to the work they have done during their lives. Education is the Key to good health.
   Toxic Heavy Metal Buildup Preview Go
How dangerous are Heavy Metals in the human body? What are the side-effects? Become INFORMED Today!

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