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Buddhist Blogs - If you blog frequently about any aspect of Buddhism (dharma study, practice within a specific tradition, meditation, rit

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Buddhist Blogs

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Manager: thebuddhistconservative
If you blog frequently about any aspect of Buddhism (dharma study, practice within a specific tradition, meditation, rituals, or your Buddhist take on current issues and affairs) join this webring so like-minded Bloggers can find and support your site. This webring is limited to blogs/personal journals only... no commercial sites.

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   Shugetsu, Becoming and Forgetting Preview Go
A lay Zen practitioner negotiates marriage, parenthood, and post-monastic life through the lens of the Dharma.
   Digital Dharma Preview Go
Old guy, following the Middle Path one day at a time, posts clips and original material on Dharma, Religion in general, Addiction and Recovery, Politics, what have you...
   Diaries of a Buddhist Preview Go
A blog where I write down my spiritual thoughts about life, our universe, and our relationship to our universe.

   Beginner's Mind Preview Go
Zen-inspired musings from Vermont
   Sakya Kunga Ling Centre Bouddhiste Tib�tain Sakya Par Preview Go
Centre Bouddhiste Tib�tain Sakya Kunga Ling Paris sous l'authorit� spirituelle de Sa Saintet� Sakya Trizin
   son of miizii Preview Go
A struggling Thai/Lao and Mohawk/Polish(?) Buddhist in the midwestern U.S. blogging about life, skateboarding, pow wows, family, culture, and Buddhism.
   maha maitri Preview Go
Mindfulness from the Mahayana Buddhist tradition, as well as general articles on spirituality.
   Realize! You Are That: Culture & Self-Empowerment Preview Go
"Realize! You Are That" is a website dedicated to self-empowerment through various aspects of culture. In the spirit of Joseph Campbell, The Journal uses metaphors from Buddhism and Christianity to illustrate Perennialist ideas.
   Padma's blog: Music Buddhism Politics Preview Go
Padma is a Buddhist musician who writes on issues around Western Buddhism, music and politics.
   Eblogosho Preview Go
The Ethiopian Buddhist Ondinonk Nyabingi Institute, Church and Yeshiva is proud to announce Eblogosho (TM). Eblogosho (TM) serves as the official organ through which the online broadcast goals of EBONICY are propagated. Get Eblogosho RSS feed. Visit to enlighten your burden at: http://www.ebonicy.org

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