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Christian Democrats of America - Welcome to  Christian Democrats of America!  This ring is open to all Christians who are Democrats and have a

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Christian Democrats of America

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Manager: okieshadow

Welcome to  Christian Democrats of America!  This ring is open to all Christians who are Democrats and have a website. We are here to show the world that not all Christians are Republicans, and that true Christians should be Democrats.


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This top site is for all Political sites. If your site has political related graphics, poetry, articles, etc... please join today.
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I am a Liberal Christian, I have always been Christian, and always been Liberal, as were my parents before me. I am Left Of Christ!!
   Bernie Sanders! Preview Go
This independent senator from Vermont, could be our next President! He has fought for the middle class most all his life, he is not for sale! He is a fresh face, his fund raising is in small contributions, and he has already out fund raised Hillary, and 'polled' ahead of her, He does not believe in negative campaigning. I am a Christian Democrat, I have taken on the issues of "Socialism" and "Pro-choice" in a Christian way.

   Freedom Of Religion! Preview Go
Our Fourfathers, almost to a man, were NOT Christians, they did not believe in the Virgin birth, nor the Miricles, , nor the Divinity, nor the Ressurection of Jesus, They did respect the morals of Jesus, and what He taught.
   Gods R Us! Preview Go
We are all Gods, (Baby Gods, yes) but Gods none the less, Bible proof, more of the things you never learn in sunday school. We are already Immortal, invinceable, and learning our vast power
   David and Jonathen Preview Go
A gay civil union or marriage in the bible, David, yes that one, highly favored by God, chosen by God to be king of Israel, before any of these events, first fell in love and 'covented with Jonathan, King Saul's son, they even renewed their vows. I give the chapters and verses, from the king james bible
   Christian Democrat's Preview Go
As one of many Christian, humanitarian, Democrats, I have emphasized the priority of serving the 'living' children of God, the very one's that Jesus asked us to serve. That to lend support for those who would cut social programs, such as food stamps, is taking food from the children, disabled, or seniors.
   Liberals Rise! Preview Go
How to; for 2012, Protest, Vote, ect...
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Buy Travel Info & Books about Democrats at discount
   Reincarnation Preview Go
Yes! Reincarnation is in the King James Version, the Catholic Bible and many other religious texts, I have listed both chapters and verses.

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