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Fantasy Writers WebRing - This webring is for writers and fans of heroic fantasy and adventure novels. From Lewis to Tolkien or Stevenson to Verne

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Fantasy Writers WebRing

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This webring is for writers and fans of heroic fantasy and adventure novels. From Lewis to Tolkien or Stevenson to Verne, if these names make you ready to strap on a sword and battle mighty beasts or plunge into the worlds of the unknown then this ring is for you!

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   Fantasybits Preview Go
This site is a place for writers of fantasy fiction to gather, find inspiration, and critique each other. New writing topics are posted every several days. There are also social boards and an arcade to hang out and relax. Everyone is welcome. :)
   New World Order / The Final Solution Preview Go
The struggle against globalist tyranny early in the 21st Century. The world economy has collapsed. People are starving. Urban warfare is breaking out everywhere. Saving humanity from planned oblivion involves the heroic efforts of a Libertarian journalist, threading his way through strange episodes of social decay, in an ongoing race with a man whose organization has already executed over five hundred thousand people... and is only getting started. For a mature audience.
   The Draz World of Drexus Tavosn Preview Go
A fantasy adventure across a tropical alien world to end a mysterious plague. An esoteric journey through politics, religion and bigotry. The personal struggle of a tortured soul, an outcast Hunter, a reluctant warrior --and vampire tale unlike any other! Autographed books, Free graphics, Sci-fi news, virtual library, artist/writer networking.

   Dragons and Swords Preview Go
This blog is devoted to reading, writing, and reviewing sword and sorcery and all forms of heroic fantasy fiction.
   Freehold - shared world Epic Fantasy series Preview Go
From Carnifex Press comes a new series of books - Epic Fantasy set in one world and written by numerous authors! Like Thieve's World? You'll love Freehold
   Forge of Creation Preview Go
The Annunukai came from the stars and colonized the Earth, but they were divided and made war against one another until their society was destroyed. All of mankind's religions and legends are based on their influence, and they still walk among us...
   Tales of the Immortal Night Preview Go
Tales of the Immortal Night: the Greek Myths of the Constellations and Photographs of the Galaxies takes you on a magical odyssey of the cosmos. With the mythic sagas of the Greek gods and heroes of the constellations and tours of the Hubble Deep Space Telescope photographs, your relationship with the night sky will be changed forever.
   The Naked Elf Preview Go
Gothy elf boy meets gothy elf girl; adventures ensue. (Approx. PG-13 for occasional language/nudity.)
   Leigh Wood. Author. Preview Go
Excerpts and stories from Science fiction, fantasy, and erotica writer Leigh Wood.
   Dragonfate Series Homepage Preview Go
This is the homepage of the Dragonfate series of ebooks by Alexis Steinhauer. Ebooks may be purchased in multiple formats.

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