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Cool Movies Webring - A webring containing pages about movies, actors and actresses. (Basically anything to do with movies!).

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Cool Movies Webring

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A webring containing pages about movies, actors and actresses. (Basically anything to do with movies!).

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   genessa -- dencing! Preview Go
Some famous people have shared their thoughts with journalist Gail M Feldman AKA GENESSA's Lady G.
   FETF's Video Collection Preview Go
A DVD/VHS/VCD video collection site. Everybody is invited to post reviews of the videos featured here.
   Of Heroic Destiny: The Journal Preview Go
Short novel. Epic historical thriller about rise of Nazi Germany. A Swedish SS officer opposes Third Reich policy and attempts to change it anonymously. Educates about necessity of liberty and free enterprise for world peace. Many adventures and travels. Norse Witches, hip musicians, secret societies, high Nazi officials, Nuremberg Rallies, free enterprise historical insights.

   Roy C. Peterson Movie Reviews Preview Go
In 2009, actor-writer Roy C. Peterson a judge for the Las Vegas International Film Festival. At that time, he began writing the two hundred thirty eight short reviews that appear in this volume. None contain spoilers, and there is a photo for each. On the IMDb site all of the films reviewed here are linked to this site from the "External Reviews" section.
   TITANIC: The ship of dreams Preview Go
Titanic pics, quotes, script, chat, clips, facts, info, music and loads more!
   Gin's Den of Goodies Preview Go
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Children - wide selection containing Galleries, Castlists, Buttons, Sounds, and Background Images.
   index Preview Go
Hello, this is Allie. These are my reviews (dundundun.) I rate movies on a scale from 1-5.
   Chad's Movie Trailer Page Preview Go
Full of Movie Trailers along with other movie related pages.
   The Matrix Preview Go
matrix, reloaded, revolutions, matrix revolutions, matrix reloaded, matrix explained, matrix revolutions explained, matrix trilogy
   Travis Bickles Bad Day Preview Go
List and some commentary on many films and books which I liked. Links to all the titles, including Orwell, Kubrick, Stone, De Niro, Pacino, Poe, Blake, Zinn, Scorcese.

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