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Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club - Websites that chronicle the rich histories of Naval Vessels, Naval Stations, organizations and individuals involved in t

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Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club

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Websites that chronicle the rich histories of Naval Vessels, Naval Stations, organizations and individuals involved in the Vietnam Conflict.

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   USS Lloyd Thomas DD764 Preview Go
Homepage for the USS LLoyd Thomas DD/DDE 764 for the Vietnam WestPac cruises. Reunion Information for all crew members. Pictures, Links, and Memories from the Vietnam era. Guestbook to find other crew members.
   USS Dewey DLG-14 / DDG-45 Homepage Preview Go
Dedicated to all who have served aboard the USS Dewey.
   Master Chiefs Corner Preview Go
The story of my Navy career. My life and times stationed onboard Missile Submarines, Patrol Missile Hydrofoils, Ammo Ships, Guided Missile Destroyers, Naval Air Stations, Air Craft Carriers, Naval Shipyards and various other duty stations.

   Riverine Sailor Preview Go
Take a journey through the past via these Mobile Riverine Force webpages. The author served on a Tango Boat from 7/68 to 7/69. Enjoy the many pictures, memorabila, stories, links, etc. Read about this man's 5 personal trips back to Vietnam in the 1990's as well as his missionary
   VF-154 F-8 Era Page Preview Go
This site seeks to reunite squadronmates, shipmates, friends and relatives associated with Fighter Squadron 154 (VF-154) of the days VF-154 flew F-8 Crusader aircraft (1957-1966). Sea stories, squadron history and pictures are welcome.
   USS Rainier (AE-5) Preview Go
Site dedicated to the 33 year history of Rainier and other ammunition ships- WW2 through Vietnam Era- photos, history and memories.
   The Brownwater Navy in Vietnam Web Book Preview Go
A 120 Plus Page tour of the entire Brownwater Navy in Vietnam. Includes photos and storys of YRBMs, Bases, Seafloat, ATSBs, Canals, Rivers, boats, Rach Soi, Rach Gia, Vinh Long, Ha Tien, Vinh Te Canal, Saigon, Nha Be, Denang, Icorp, Binh Thuy, River Ships, Boats and River Craft. Over 1200 photos. Over 2300 guestbook entries cataloged.
   Welcome to the Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club Web Guide Preview Go
A Web guide to sites depicting the Navy during the Vietnam War. Contains the WebRing homepage, photo album, message boards and list of unit reunions.
   1970 Navy Boot Camp Company 169, RTC Orlando, FL Preview Go
The year was 1970 with the Kent State incident and other war protest. Yet, these young men enlisted in the Navy. Many became members of the Tonkin Gulf Yacht club during the closing days of the war. The site serves as an online 30-year reunion for the 1970 recruit Company 169.
   USS William C. Lawe, DD763 Preview Go
Website dedicated to the 'Willie C' and all who sailed on her.

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