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Military Heroes, International Hall of Honor - Military Heroes, International Hall of Honor. Place a Flag to Honor and Remember a Military Unit, Serving Soldiers in Ha

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Military Heroes, International Hall of Honor

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Manager: mark_churms
Military Heroes, International Hall of Honor. Place a Flag to Honor and Remember a Military Unit, Serving Soldiers in Harmís Way, Or Veterans of Wars. Any Country, Any Military, Any Time Period, Army, Navy, Marines, Air Forces, Engineers. Vehicles, Airplanes, Artillery, Tanks, Ships, Submarines. Remarkable Weapons of War and Heroic Military Events Etc...

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   Find Great Art For Military vetarans Preview Go
Find Naval & Military Art for You Today! NEW World War Two & Persian Gulf War military prints of Iowa Class battleships, WW II US Navy cruisers, aircraft carriers, destroyer escorts, APD's, LCVP's. USS Pennsylvania BB-38, Langley CVL-27, Wisconsin BB-64, Yorktown CV-5, Missouri BB-63, Raymond DE-341, Sacramento AOE-1, Leyte Gulf, kamikazes & mo
A site where all former "Redcatcher" members of the 199th Light Infantry Brigade can have our own National Hall of Honor homepage where we can reunite from coast to coast as a unit once again! Must be a "Redcatcher" member and have served in combat with the 199th between the years of 1966 - 1970 in Vietnam.
   DeDiCaTeD To ThE POW's/MIA's Preview Go
My pages are dedicated to missing POW's/MIA's, Missing Children, Faces to fear, I hope that my pages of poems are inspirational..and that i am doing a service to this country as they have done for me...

   U.S. Navy Hospital Corps/Corpswave Preview Go
My site has one KIA-BNR hospital Corpsman from Nam and an MIA/POW corpsman from Nam. I have graphics for people desiring to use them on a medical site and a corpswave (female) registry) and a chat room. Military links and Navy links much more *s*
   John Sargent's Military History Center Preview Go
John Sargent's Military History Center
   Doc Bunner's Home Page Preview Go
I have chosen rather than to try to outdo some one else with more experience to explain how Viet Nam had affected me as a human being, the trials I have gone through, etc. in order to try to help someone else in knowing that above all else what we did while serving our country can never be paid back for the insults given to us at the time. That we still care about each other and that once a b
   A Raid on Munich Preview Go
A harrowing journey of a captured British flyer and the Death march across Germany that followed.
   The Battle of Hamel - History & Memory Preview Go
A tribute to AIF soldiers and civilan facing WW1 in that web site about the battle of Hamel on 4 July 1918. A very particular event of World War I in France and of the Australian Corps' involvement. Here you will not only find some local history or the account of a battle but also a presentation of the various forms of that period memory.
Keeping the Lies of Vietnam up dated as they occur and having a place where Veterans can go to view the details.
   Jim's Page Preview Go
Site contains a history of my tour in Vietnam. The organizations that I belong to and links to them. Also, a tribute to a POW/MIA.

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