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Heroines Unlimited - Heroines Unlimited is a webring for sites that concern fictional heroines of all genres and mediums, such as comic books

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Heroines Unlimited

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Heroines Unlimited is a webring for sites that concern fictional heroines of all genres and mediums, such as comic books, anime, tv, movies, and books. The main focus is on those characters which stand out in the mainly male world of superheros, villians, and generally inspirational and/or cool characters.




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   Jirale Preview Go
A fantasy adventure that sets Itchtake, our young heroine, on a quest to avenge her father...only, the original purpose of the quest gets lost in the events that happen, and she finds herself questioning her goal.
   Tara and Willow forever Preview Go
A site for the ralationship of tara and Wullow of buffy the vampire slayer.
   Pagina de Superheroinas Preview Go
Pagina de superheroinas en espaņol desde Raven hasta Supergirl, heroinas de Marvel y DC.

   Comic Babe Central Preview Go
Comic Babe Central is a collection of comics hottest babes! Including Witch Blade, Gen 13, Danger Girls and many many more!
   Degree Comics Preview Go
Degree Comics was created for your viewing enjoyment. It was designed to explain what each comic is really all about! Here you can find pictures, summaries, and announcements about your favorite comics! Remember, Degree Comics is the only place to get your daily dose of comics!!
   The Wonder Woman Animated Gif Gallery Preview Go
**UPDATED - 09-21-05** - ( 6 new animations ) This page features Many NEW Original animated gifs of Wonder Woman, Donna Troy, the NEW Wondergirl, The Cheetah and more. All made from the original art of some of the best comic artists to ever draw the Amazing Amazon. This is it ! your ONE STOP for cool animated gifs featuring everyone's favorite Amazon Princess.
   The Batgirl Animated Gif Gallery Preview Go
-08/2005- This page is the latest spin-off of the Original Batman Animated Gif Gallery. It features animated gifs ( many Brand New ones )of Batgirl in all her incarnations plus 1 or 2 of the Huntress, with many more coming soon.
   The Supergirl Animated Gif Gallery Preview Go
-9-21-05- Welcome to the 1st and only Supergirl animated gif gallery.. I've moved my previous Supergirl creations here, added quite a few new ones.. and have about a dozen more in the pipe that should be up very soon.
   Solid! The Apparition Homepage Preview Go
It's all about the 30th century's best female superhero -- Apparition!
   Rose Dewitt Bukater's Closet Preview Go
Includes descriptions of all of the major dresses and other garments worn by Kate Winslet throughout the 1997 film "Titanic". Also included are various links to seamstresses who will create replicas of Ms. Winslet's gowns.

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