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Historic Biography - Sites dedicated to information and/or research about famous people throughout history, in all fields (science, literatur

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Historic Biography

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Manager: mark_churms
Sites dedicated to information and/or research about famous people throughout history, in all fields (science, literature, politics, military, entertainment, etc.).

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   Famous Military Leaders at markchurms.com Preview Go
FREE Wild West and American Military Art for You to Enjoy Today! + Quality western art prints of Custer's Last Stand with US 7th Cavalry soldiers at the Battle of the Little Big Horn 1876, Davy Crockett at the Alamo 1836. Find many more military prints and original oil paintings by top artist Mark Churms. Charge into battle! Click Now.
   Oris P. and Mantis J. Van Sweringen Preview Go
Short biography of Oris P. and Mantis J. Van Sweringen two brothers from rural Ohio built a railroad empire when railroads were more critical to American transportation.
   John W. Barriger: Rail Historian and Railfan Preview Go
Short biography of an amazing man who ran several railroads, was both a rail historian and a railfan, and proposed many new ideas for railroads.

   Robert Young and the New York Central Railroad Preview Go
Robert Young. The New York Central Railroad. Some of the most fascinating railroad literature of the 1940's are transcripts of this unusual man's testimony before the Interstate Commerce Commission. At year-end 1943, New York Central closed at 18 �, which meant Delaware and Hudson Railroad had an investment of $5,711,250.
   Railroader Biographies Preview Go
Biographies of several important individuals connected to railroads or mass transit: George Alpert, Robert Young, John W. Barriger, Van Swerigen brothers, Robert Moses, several members of the Vanderbilt family, Jacob Bachtold (Grand Central Clockmaker), Erastus Corning and others.
   Robert Moses: Against Mass Transit Preview Go
Did you ever wonder who messed up the mass transit system in New York City? An in-depth look at Robert Moses and his life.
   HMS Resolution, British Battleship Preview Go
naval pictures from my grandfather William S Barton, and fellow crew of the Battleship H.M.S. Resolution, on which he served from January 1939 to November 1943. He never went anywhere without his camera and along with the official ships photographer took some brilliant war photographs, action shots, shipmates & friends, all very atmospheric, and considering they are 60 + years old, are in very good condition
   Historic Biography Home Preview Go
Home page of the Historic Biography web ring.
   A History of Female Apartheid Preview Go
Biographies of women, both past and present, who have earned their place in history. Also contains a time line of women's liberation. Suggestions for items to include on the site are welcomed.
   Senator Ted Kennedy Preview Go
Biography of Ted Kennedy

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