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Military History & Wargamers' Web Ring - The Military History and Wargamers' Web Ring caters to wargamers, military collectors and enthusiasts of all sorts. Self

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Military History & Wargamers' Web Ring

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Manager: mark_churms
The Military History and Wargamers' Web Ring caters to wargamers, military collectors and enthusiasts of all sorts. Self-help forums are hosted on various subjects. It serves to link sites of a military nature and wargaming sites in a user friendly way - no more fruitless searching of the web, if it's worth seeing, it's here.

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FREE Art for You to Enjoy Today! + Military History Prints and paintings of military leaders, soldiers, cavalry, battleships, & more. From the battles of Alexander the Great and medieval knights to Napoleon at Waterloo, Custer’s Last stand, Rorke's Drift and Zulu War, WWI infantry, US Navy in WWII, Gulf War and beyond. Charge into battle! Click Now.
   The Wargamers Club for Gentlemen Preview Go
An established, thriving wargames club for PBEM/Solo players and Vassal members. All eras are catered for and all games have their' own Forum and ladder.
   Panzer Combat II Preview Go
Panzer Combat II is a miniature wargame of WWII (World War II) ground combat. The game is suitable for all scales as distances are measured in multiples of the length of a Sherman tank. In 1:48 scale, which found renewed interest from manufactures like Tamiya and Gasoline, the Sherman length corresponds to 10 cm.

   RaGeVille Homepage Preview Go
About the German army - the Bundeswehr (Über die deutsche Armee - die Bundeswehr)
   Wargamedownloads.com Preview Go
Print and Play Today. Downloadable wargames, miniatures rules, military manuals, map tiles, fonts and paper models.
   Scale Models from 4 Mil Models Preview Go
4Mil Models Scale Model Kits Department presents 100 transport vehicles, support vehicles and equipment in 1:76 scale kits in white metal and resin. These kits are mostly of post-WW2 British military, and WW2 British and Canadian vehicles.
   Mr Lincoln's War--Recreating ACW Regiment warfare Preview Go
Like those in the past who studied "Hardee's Tactics" or "Casey's Tactics" learn about regimental maneuver and combat in the ACW. Is now available at hobby shops and game stores for $19.95. It can also be ordered through WARGAMES. Can't find it? E-mail me at sfp55@
   Phalerisitque europeenne - European phaleristic Preview Go
Le site des ordres, médailles et décorations européens.
   Prague Historical Wargaming Group Preview Go
We are a small group of historical war gamers living in,and around,Prague in the Czech Republic.Every one is welcome.We are mostly interested in playing historical games with figures,although we also play board games as well.We play all periods from Ancients through to World War Two.We have a selection of rules and figures from different periods and you are welcome to come along and use these.
   Diplomiscellany Preview Go
A web site dedicated to various aspects of the military/political simulation game Diplomacy, also including material applicable to gaming philosophy in general.

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